Addressing the FUD #2 — GGC Rug

Dogenstein FTM
2 min readMay 21, 2021

Dear community,

We would like to address the FUD regarding our recent partnership with Ghost’s N Goblins. Needless to say, they are now… ghosts… since they rugged on the 20th May 2021. Their twitter, medium and telegram group have now been deleted.

The team at Dogenstein finds this incident very unfortunate. At the time of partnership discussions, we had respectful conversations with the team. There were no red flags identified at the point of time.

However, with the GGC FUD comes another wave of FUD regarding Dogenstein.

Dogenstein Telegram ‘Disappearing’

We understand that some people were claiming that our telegram channel disappeared as well. As of 20th May 2021 (after the rug), our telegram channel was under a bot attack. Our TG members spiked from 1300 to 2000 in a matter of minutes.

This placed the team under a lot of pressure to quickly resolve the issue. The team swiftly decided that it was best to turn the telegram group, ‘private’ while certain anti-bot measures were being put in place. As a result of that, the bot issue was dealt with and the telegram channel has gone back to normal.

Deleted Medium and Twitter Posts

It is with full transparency that we would like to inform the community that we have deleted all our twitter and medium posts regarding our partnerships with Ghosts’N Goblins.

We are disassociating ourselves from a scam project that no longer exists.


The team would like to end this article by sharing some wise words brought forward by the team at Elk.Finance, our partner in the Fantom Space:

“The trust you put behind a project should belong to the project alone. Working together with Elk doesn’t mean that Elk is managing Dogenstein. The people that Dogenstein works with, aren’t manage by them either.”

The team at Dogenstein resonate with the words spoke by the Elk.Finance team and we are standing with them on this matter. No one could have saw this coming but again, this is the cryptospace where rugs happen more often than not.

Remember, just because a project rugs doesn’t mean all projects associated with them are scams.


The team at Dogenstein are still committed to building this project.

We once again, thank the community for sticking by us during these difficult times. We will bounce back stronger.



Dogenstein FTM

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