Addressing the FUD #1 — $DSTEIN Launch

Dogenstein FTM
2 min readMay 16, 2021

Dogenstein FTM comprises of a team of individuals that value honesty and transparency.

In light of the events that took place yesterday, we owe the community that believed in us an explanation.

Let us say now that we have NEVER released any contracts and no team member has had anything to do with any scammers. It’s very unfortunate that a few people got scammed and we urge you from this point forward to NEVER buy anything unless our direct team formally puts the contract out. (This goes with any project as well.)

Yesterday a community member happened to have the same name as an admin (Chuckie,) and posted a fake contract in the group. This person has been removed and we have learned from this.

Aside from this, our main Dev was having issues deploying the contract as he wasn’t used to deploying on Fantom. There was a lack of communication to say the least as us admins were also left in the dark for a period of time, making it hard to keep the community up to date.

As you all may have experienced with bridging funds etc. there is a learning curve with a new network. Same applies to deploying a safe and reliable contract to ensure a successful project.

We as a team worked through the night and came up with a solution. We reached out to another successful project more familiar with Fantom network. We swallowed all pride and brought an experienced Dev on as and advisor (this will be announced later) and previous Dev has stepped down.

We now have a new contract that has been tested and we are continuing to test before launch which will be today.

We are not a scam group. We are not a pump and dump group. We are investors like you as well as developers with a lot of combined experience in this industry. We thank you all for your patience and will continue to provide full transparency and honesty from here on out. We don’t give up, we don’t give in to scammers and fudders. And we will tolerate NONE of that here.

We will make this project a success and we hope you get on board and enjoy the ride! Let’s make this project a success together!

Launch will be today at 5:30PM UTC.

Please stay tuned for more details!



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