Dogenstein Token ‘DSTEIN’ — The Introduction

Dogenstein FTM
1 min readMay 13, 2021

Origin of Dogenstein ‘DSTEIN’

One dark night, Vladimir Buterin with a flip of a switch, decided to pull the plug on all his scientific experiments… creating an endless ripple of blood on the streets of Dogeville. The citizens howled in fear as the city turned into chaos, doge bodies everywhere… laying lifeless on the floor.

Out came the evil genius, Dr Musk who took this golden opportunity to explore the themes of life, death and doge versus nature. He created this sapient creature in an unorthodox science experiment. The creature of the night was assembled from old body parts of dead doges and strange chemicals, animated with a mysterious spark.

Token Distribution

The DSTEIN token distribution is unique in several ways. There are no pre-minted company, advisor, team or marketing tokens. It is listed as below:

Token Supply

Maximum Supply: 100, 000, 000, 000 DSTEIN

Burnt Supply: 50%

Circulating Supply: 48% for public sale and 2% for marketing and development fund


5000 FTM will be added for liquidity by the team and will be locked upon launch.

Transaction Tax — 9%

Auto Liquidity Adding: 5%

Incentive to holders: 4%



Dogenstein FTM

Dr Musk created this sapient creature from an unorthodox science experiment, assembling it from old body parts of dead doges and strange chemicals.