Partnership with Elk.Finance

Dogenstein FTM
2 min readMay 20, 2021

To our amazing community,

The Dogenstein team is proud to announce that we have partnered up with Elk.Finance who will be launching on Fantom Opera (21st May, 16:00 UTC).

We are bringing you another YIELD FARMING pool which starts on the 21st May, 18:00 UTC ($DSTEIN/$ELK).

This first incentivised pool with run for 9 days after which you will need to withdraw your liquidity pairs from these pools and re-stake them again into new contracts to continue earning $ELK. The next pool duration will be longer.

About Elk.Finance $ELK

Elk.Finance is building a decentralised network for cross-chain liquidity. The Elk ecosystem aims to make it seamless for anyone to exchange cryptocurrencies, ‘any chain, anytime, anywhere’.

The team at Elk.Finance has reached multiple massive milestones (in such a short time) such as:

  1. ElkDex Launch on Avalanche
  2. Moose NFT which is Elk.Finance’s native NFT
  3. Launch on the Matic Network
  4. Implementation of the Impermanent Loss Protection (ILP)

Their platform is unique and looks to solve 3 main issues:

Problem #1 — Hard to Move Assets Around

Elk.Finance aims to solve the issue of heavy fees and complicated procedures through their cross-chain liquidity network; boosting mass-adoption.

Problem #2 — Impermanent Loss Hurts LPs

Liquidity Providers often suffer from impermanent loss and Elk.Finance looks to solve this through providing them with an insurance that they will not walk away with less.

Problem #3 — Diluted Pair Liquidity

Current decentralised exchanges often pool assets with every other asset — causing a dilution in liquidity and increment in slippage. Elk.Finance solves this issue by only pooling assets with the $ELK token or their (upcoming) stablecoin. This allows for the pools available to benefit from deeper liquidity.


The team at Dogenstein is very excited to work with Elk.Finance.

We strongly believe this partnership will benefit both projects; namely exposure for $DSTEIN and solidifying Elk.Finance’s roots in the Fantom Network.

We are always stronger together.



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