Project Update #1

Dogenstein FTM
2 min readMay 19, 2021

Dear Community,

First of all, we hope that this message finds everyone well.

It’s been a long few days for the Dogenstein Team since our official launch on SpiritSwap. We have come a long way since the incidents that happened pre-launch.


We have reached some noticeable milestones such as achieving over 1000 twitter followers and 1000 Telegram members. It means a lot to the team considering what we’ve been through. We will continue to work hard to tighten the bond and strengthen the trust that the community has in us.

From a price action perspective, we have reached new All Time Highs on the 18th of May and have begun a healthy retrace. Due to the relatively low liquidity, do expect some volatility when trading. However, this will continue to grow from our amazing 5% auto liquidity adding feature embedded in our smart contracts.

We have also recently applied to be listed on Coingecko.

Meme Contest

At the current moment, the Dogenstein team has decided to build more engagement with the community through our very own meme contest. The contest ends on the 22nd May at 4pm UTC.

The below are some examples of the amazing memes the community has crafted for us:


All in all, we are very grateful for the opportunity at hand. We want to thank all of you guys who have stayed with us throughout the ups and downs. We will continue to do our best to grow this project and reach new heights.



Dogenstein FTM

Dr Musk created this sapient creature from an unorthodox science experiment, assembling it from old body parts of dead doges and strange chemicals.